The ENKI Consulting started their services many years ago. This company and network were already known for their mission to continue successfully help others in creating their own business. Everything started when the network grew larger than they expected. As much as they were thankful and proud of their own success, they were given the ideas and thoughts to spread how they managed to get to where they are as well. With these ideas, the people behind ENKI Consulting started to plan how they could help others or share their ways of success for a better business and successful future.


They opened an online forum so they welcomed all questions and answered people’s curiosity about establishing an internet-based business or anything that includes technology. It was a very useful thing since they managed to let these people get answers from professionals and learn from a simple forum. But as time passed by, the people behind ENKI thought they could do so much more to reach out to many people and give them the help they deserve. And so, after years of more practice and ideas, the company was able to finally take their services to a higher level.


ENKI Consulting stated its mission, “Our mission is simple: to empower non-technical people to successfully operate and grow any internet or information-based business with enterprise-grade information technology delivered on a minimal investment.”


For years, ENKI was finally given the chance to give other people the opportunity to learn more and improve themselves. They gave these people the chance to train and be supported throughout their business planning, decision making, and more. People were very thankful for them and ENKI is more than grateful for the people who trusted them as well because people who connect and work with them and ENKI are only exchanging opportunities for each other.