Expanding your Company Thru Tech

Here are some suggestions for Expanding Your Company Through the Use of Technology and Talent The operators of small businesses often have to wear several different hats. Therefore, it is absolutely necessary to make use of tools and resources that may assist you in streamlining your processes and increasing your level of efficiency. In addition, […]

10 Things that tech-savvy businesses do differently

The widespread perception that business and technology exist in two distinct spheres is mistaken — and expensive — to maintain. In the course of the conversation regarding the connection between business and technology, or, more precisely, between business and IT, a great number of pixels and toner cartridges have been wasted. These conversations, both in […]

Predicted 2021 Business and Technology Developments

Let’s envision the customer service industry after Covid has been implemented. Consumer tastes and business practices are likely to shift in response to the current crisis, and these shifts will likely last long after it has passed. Some of the new digital or remote models, if consumers adapt to them, will undoubtedly alter people’s expectations […]