Hi, how could I ask for your help from this website? 

Hello, thank you for sending us your message. If you’d like to ask us and reach for our help, there are many ways to do so. You may send us a direct message through email and we will answer immediately if ever you do send us one. Anyone can ask us a question through email and we’ll be sure to respond as soon as possible. You can also send or post a message in the forum section. Also, you may click the “request support” button if ever you need immediate support from us.  


Are there any requirements when posting on the forum or is it necessary to create an account? 

No, there is no specific requirement when you are going to post on the forum. However, the website will ask for your email and name just to send some confirmation codes or messages. To post on the forum, need you to give us your name, but if you want to be anonymous, you can choose not to provide us your full name, a nickname will do. 


Can I ask for your help even if I am only a single person who wants to create a networking business? 

Yes, anyone can definitely ask for our help even if they are alone or not. However, being in a group can give more opportunities and more possibilities of handling the business better but actually, the number of people doesn’t matter as long as you are committed to improving your ideas and creating the business. 


How long does the training period take? 

It actually depends on the business itself or the people. Anyone can stop training as long as they think they are finally ready to start their business but anyone can continue as well even if they are already starting the business.